Mobo, driven by an unwavering commitment to his artistic passion, radiates an enchanting charisma that illuminates his work with aesthetics, love, and magic.

Having immersed himself in the world of electronic music from a young age, Mobo has been part of the scene under various aliases since the age of fifteen. Throughout his journey, he has released music on many great labels, delivered captivating performances, and collaborated with numerous esteemed artists from around the globe.

As the owner and selector of Magnetik Music label, Mobo has taken on the responsibility of curating and shaping the musical direction of the imprint. Additionally, he has played a crucial role as the co-founder of the Selotejp party gang, creating memorable and immersive experiences for music enthusiasts.

Remaining true to his artistic vision and driven by a deep love for the craft and culture, Mobo continues to leave an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape, captivating audiences with his unique blend of sounds, heartfelt performances, and unwavering dedication to the art form.